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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Oct 10, 2023

From the time I started my own massage practice in October of 2015 coming up with a name for my business was a goal I had, but it took me until March 0f 2019 to finally settle on what felt like the right name for my brand. Then it was another 2 years almost before my logo came around.

The journey of finding your brand as a business is surely always evolving, and who knows if this is the exact look and title my business will always have but the story of how I got there has meaning. As my business continues to grow and evolve I’m sure the journey to the next look will have just as much meaning.

So, I wanted to invite you into a little of my journey of how I named my business and came up with my current logo. I could go into all the words that came before “Work In Progress” but quite frankly I don’t remember most of them. So lets dive into how my business name, slogan and logo all came to be.

As a massage therapist I commonly work with clients that come in struggling with chronic pain and muscle tension, high stress jobs and very full schedules. I started to notice over time that clients would come in and when I asked them how their body was feeling today that an overwhelming number would say “I am a mess”. I’m quite often a glass half full kind of gal which is where trying to help them reword this statement started. However, over time in my own personal growth, I learned just how much power the words we speak have, especially about ourselves. I could no longer just idly stand by and continue to let my clients or those around me continue to think and speak this way about themselves. In realizing you can’t just tell someone to not be something; that you have to show them the “why”, so to speak, and give them something to replace it with and this is where “Work In Progress” came to be. So, when my clients, or anyone around me says they are a mess I honor them where they are and with what they are going through and give them the new script of “I am a work in progress”. Our words become flesh so we must speak life to ourselves and others. If our words aren’t giving life they are surely stealing life, there’s not really a middle ground here. You might be now seeing that “Work In Progress” was also partly inspired from my own personal growth and the realization that we should always be growing because if we aren’t growing we are dying and that right there leads into the foundational inspiration for my logo.

Now that I had a name, I needed an image for my business that put my words and mission into a visual picture. Sounds simple when one puts it that way doesn’t it? But it is also a beautiful journey. This logo journey started with me reaching out to my cousin who has a beautiful artistic gift to see if she could help with some brainstorm sketches. She was excited to help and was honored that I thought of her. So I gave her some words that I wanted the image to portray. I said I was looking for an image that portrayed that we are ever a work in progress, that’s it’s ongoing growth and balance, that we need a strong foundation, while still showing the holistic health and wellness aspect of therapeutic massage. Based on this thought and some other single stand-alone words I gave her she sketched up the 4 pictures below.

This was the very first sketch of what is my current logo. After a few more sketches it reached far enough in the design that it was time to take it to a graphic designer and have them make it become even more concrete. This process with the graphic designer was a challenging part for me as my attention to detail and trying to communicate in words something about a picture via email was a whole new playing field for me. We worked through it though and after a few weeks came to the final product that is now what I use for all of my branding.

Names have power. Naming something means in a sense that you are claiming authority over it so from naming our children, our pets, to naming a business, naming is a big deal. There is a lot in a name, it’s how we are known. So just like your name I hope you continue to learn how much power your words truly do have and that “YOU ARE NOT A MESS, YOU ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS”

Angel Baker

Angel Baker

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Beautycounter Brand Advocate

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